Le Profhilo est un traitement révolutionnaire et unique. Il agit pour régénérer le collagène dans la peau et les tissus environnants, ce qui à son tour renforce et remodèle l'échafaudage naturel de la peau.


Grâce à sa concentration élevée unique en acide hyaluronique, la peau paraîtra plus souple et deviendra, par conséquence, plus ferme et liftée.

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15-20 minutes


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1-3 jours


What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is a unique Hyaluronic acid based product which combines H-HA and L-HA to build and stimulate production of 4 different types of collagen in the skin. As a result the skin will become more hydrated and lifted.

I’ve never had it before. How many treatments will I need?

To achieve the best results, it's recommended that Profhilo is injected in specific points of the face over two sessions with 4 week intervals.

What is the maintenance and long term up keep?

The initial results can last up to 6 months after which maintenance sessions maybe recommended according to your specific skin type and results.

Why should I have Profhilo and not Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers add volume to the face. For those who want to target the molecular loss of collagen that results in skin sagging without having to add unnecessary volume. Profhilo is highly recommended.

Is the treatment painful?

The skin will be numbed with topical anaesthesia for 20-15 minutes after which you should not experience any pain.

When should I start thinking about having Profhilo?

After 30, women start to lose significant amounts of collagen. Using injectable HA like profhilo will help to restore some of these losses. This treatment will not only treat skin drooping and sagging in women over 45 but will also work very effectively in preventing this in women who are 30-45.

Where can Profhilo be used?

Profhilo is injected into the skin in five key areas which include:

  • the tops of cheeks
  • sides of the face
  • lines around the mouth (marionette lines)
  • nasolabial folds
  • laughter lines
It can also be used to improve the appearance of the skin around the neck, chest and décolletage.

What are the side effects?

Dermal fillers / hyaluronic acid injections are a natural occurring substance and are therefore one of the safest injections with minor side effects such as swelling and bruising.

What should I avoid before and after the treatment?

We often discourage consumption of alcohol 12 hours before and after your treatment. Smoking should be avoided 6 hours before and after your treatment. Both these factors affect the likelihood of you bruising. ​Other things to avoid are hot showers, saunas as well as exercise for 24 hours and avoid sunbathing or sunbeds for up to 7 days

Are there any contra-indications?

Yes, the absolute contra-indications are pregnancy, breast feeding. Relative contra-indications are the use of blood thinning medications (please discuss this with your doctor during your consultation).


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