Le Dr Saleki est la grande pionnière de cette procédure au Royaume-Uni. Elle a perfectionné cette technique qui promet d'incroyables résultats. À l'aide de fils de suture solubles, le front externe et le coin des yeux sont tirés pour soulever tout affaissement de la paupière supérieure.


Ce traitement peut être personnalisé pour soulever les yeux et les sourcils de manière à créer le résultat souhaité par le patient.

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What is the Fox Eyes Lift?

This treatment is an increasingly popular treatment for patients. This technique which uses dissolvable sutures to lift and elongate the outer eyebrows and upper eyelid to create a more openness to the yes whilst simultaneously lifting the brow tail to create the desired effect.

What are the different techniques used to achieve this at sas aesthetics?

Dr. Mahsa offers three different techniques to achieve this look. All these techniques are unique to our clinic and have been developed and perfected by Dr. Mahsa. All these treatments can be done using local anaesthetic in under one hour with minimal downtime:

  • PDO Threadlifts – this is the most commonly used technique where lifting dissolvable sutures are inserted under the skin to create a lift lasting 6-12 months. This technique is popular as it’s the most cost effective and offers a great option for those wanting to build up the effect of the lift over time.
  • Semi-permanent threads – this type of lift uses a similar technique to PDO threads however has a much higher longevity as the suture material are prone to degradation by the body with results reported to last between 2-3 years.

Is the treatment painful?

All of the techniques used by Dr. Mahsa are relatively painless as she will give you an effective local anaesthetic (LA) injection called "xylocaine". The LA injections will feel like a pin prick. You may experience some headaches after the treatment which will respond well to over the counter pain killers and are usually short lived in nature.

Will I have a scar?

The beauty of this treatment is that it’s free of incisions. The treatment is done through needle entry points through which a pre-mounted cannula is intorduced to create the desired result. The trauma incurred to the treated area is small relative to other procedures and therefore reducing the risk of scarring to a minimum.

What is the downtime? Will the skin folds be permanent?

Threadlifts will heal within 7-10 days as the swelling and bruising settles down. There maybe some skin folds in the hairline which usually relax within 2-3 weeks of the treatment. Disclaimer: individual healing times will vary

What are the complications with thread lift?

The treatment is relatively safe, with minor complications such as swelling and bruising however there is a slightly increased risk of infection with PDO threads compared to other treatments, there is a small risk of nerve damage and a negligeble risk of scarring. During your appointment your doctor will explain the measures you must take to avoid and minimise the risks of these complications during your appointment.

Will my skin be more “saggy” once the threads dissolve?

This is not the case, the skin surrounding the PDO thread will be stimulated to create more collagen which will make the skin more firm and less prone to “sagging” or wrinkles.

What do I have to avoid before and after the treatment?

As with all aesthetics treatments, consumption of alcohol should be avoided for 12 hours before and after treatment, the same is said for smoking but for 6 hours. Specific to thread lifts, you should avoid strenuous exercise for 2 weeks after the treatment. Some clients maybe advised to go on a liquid diet for 3 -5 after the treatment. Depending on your medical conditions some clients who are diabetic or more prone to infection should take antibiotics for a short period after the treatment. Other post treatment precautions will depend on which area is treated and will be discussed with you in depth during your clinic appointment.

Who can’t have the treatment?

This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, women who are breast feeding and those who are unable to avoid strenuous exercise for a period of two weeks such as athletes or those working in the fitness industry. Those with obesity are discouraged from having this treatment.

How long will the results last?

PDO threads last 6 -12 months depending on your lifestyle and level of activity – For longer lasting results a repeat procedure is advisable. Other available suture materials with longer life spans will last between 2-3 years. Disclaimer: individual results may vary

What is an SPS Lift?

SPS stands for superior palpebral sulcus. This is the area in your upper eye that creates that creates a fold better known as the "eyeshadow area". With time this droops down as the fat pads above and around the eyebrows are lost, causing the eyes to look tired with the excess skin. An SPS lift uses dissolvable suture threads to lift and tighten the skin below the eyebrows and above the eyes to create an openness and restore the shadow area.

What is a PDO Eyebrow Lift?

The Eyebrow lift focuses on simply re-aligning the position of the eyebrow itself with little to no impact in skin tightening. This is a great treatment for patients considering a change in the shape of their eyebrow to a more straight and elongated shape.


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