Ce traitement très prisé et précis promet d'incroyables résultats. L'ingrédient actif acide désoxycholique est injecté dans la zone traitée.

En 4 à 6 séances, la graisse est définitivement dissoute. C'est idéal pour une injection sous le menton ainsi qu'au niveau de zones de graisse qui ne bougeront tout simplement pas malgré l'exercice.

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10-20 minutes


Toujours un médecin certifié


1-5 jours


How do fat dissolving injections work?

There are different brands of fat dissolving solutions however the main ingredient in most is a substance called “deoxycholic acid”. This is naturally found in our gallbladder and is released by the body to break down and digest fats in our diet. In aesthetics a form of deoxycholic acid is used which is safe for injection. Following multiple sessions this results in a permanent breakdown of fat.

Where is this treatment best suited for?

The main area it’s used for is under the chin, it can also be used to dissolve stubborn fat in different parts of the body. It can’t act as a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise but it can target those areas of fat pockets that do not disappear despite a healthy diet and exercise.

How much change will I see?

Most clients need to have 3-6 sessions to achieve a result. The first 3 sessions result in a 20-30% reduction of the fat however subsequent sessions will reduce the fat mass more significantly with upto 70-80% reduction seen in the final outcome.

Will I have severe swelling?

The new lipolysis treatments cause minimal swelling which resolves over a 3-5 day period.

What are the other complications?

This again is a safe treatment with minimal complications which commonly include swelling and bruising.

How often should I have the treatment?

Each session can be done 1-2 weeks apart but not longer than 4 weeks apart. This means you will achieve much faster results than the more traditional solutions previously used such as Kybella.

How long will the final result last?

Once you achieve the fat reduction result you desire, the effects are permanent.


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